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Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 13% £17.50 (Bottle), £3.90 (125ml), £4.90 (175ml)
The perfect wine to compliment typical Italian dishes such as pastas, mature cheeses and roasted
red meat dishes

Merlot 11.50% £19.95 (Bottle), £4.20 (125ml), £5 (175ml)
Wonderful aromas of juicy red fruits, versatile wine suitable for a range of dishes in particular
red meats and game

Canonico 12.5% £22.50 (Bottle), £4.50 (125ml), £5.95 (175ml)
Easy drinking red wine, the perfect accompaniment to meat sauce pasta dishes, grilled or stewed
meats, rich game and well seasoned cheeses

Primitivo 13.5% £24.00 (Bottle), £5.75 (125ml), £6.50 (175ml)
A truly exquisite masterpiece created exclusively from the finest Primitivo grapes grown in this
world renowned region. Elegant and full bodied red wine perfect with traditional Italian cuisine

Cannonau Riserva 14% £35.95 (Bottle)
Bright ruby red in colour with hints of coffee, spices and herbs, with delicate notes of violets,
plummy fruit flavours and oak, overtone on the palate fantastic served with roasted red meats,
game and mature pecorino cheese


Trebbiano D’Abruzzo 11.5% (house wine) £17.50 (Bottle),  £3.90   (125ml), £4.90 (175ml)

Dry, fruity, refreshing. The ideal accompaniment to creamy pastas, seafood, shellfish and poultry


Pinot Grigio 12% £22.50 (Bottle), £4.50 (125ml) £5.75 (175ml)

Medium dry, fruity. It will go with most salads, white meats and pasta. A real credit to any table

Sauvignon Blanc 12% £20.50 (Bottle) £4.70 (125ml), 5.70 (175 ml)

Clean, clear, light greenish-yellow in colour, with a nose that presents delicate fruity notes of

lime, grapefruit, pineapple and peach. Moderate, persistence, fresh and pleasing on the finish.

Ideal for serving with shellfish-based dishes.

Vermentino di Sardegna 13%  £25.95 (Bottle), £5.75 (125ml), £7.00 (175ml)

Crisp, fresh and fruity palate underlined with aromatic notes typical of the Vermentino varietal.

Excellent as an aperitif with starter courses or accompanied with fish or white meat dishes


Pinot Grigio Rosato 12% £19.95 (Bottle), £4.50 (125ml), £5.60 (175ml)
An Italian favourite style wine with mouth-watering undertones of summer fruit flavours and a
crisp, clean palate. This wine makes an excellent aperitif or accompaniment to light salads


Prosecco 11% £25.95
Crisp, refreshing and wonderfully effervescent, this classic wine is brimming with fresh
fruit and floral notes and is alive zing fruit character
Mini Prosecco 11.5% £7.95


Coke £2.50
Diet Coke £2.50
Sanpellegrino 33cl: £3.20
Lemon, Orange, Blood Orange
Crodino 10cl £2.50
Non-alcoholic bitter aperitif
Fruit Juices £2.50
Still and Sparkling water 50 cl £2.85
Tonic water £2.60


Peroni 33cl £4.50

Large Peroni 62cl £ 6.95

Ichnusa 33cl £4.50

Ichnusa non-filtered 33cl £6

Moretti Zero 33cl £4.50

Moretti 33cl £4.50

Cider Mela Rossa 33cl £4.40


"Quality of the food is perfect. All their pizzas are amazing - lovely thin based with a nice crust and perfect amount of cheese!"

Sean Isherwood Google Review

"It's always a pleasure to eat there. Lovely food and friendly staff, prices are really competitive for the quality of the food they serve."

Lorenzo Maffeo Google Review

"Great italian food in a nice little place. Reasonably priced as well"

Pearly Yuen Google Review