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Olive e Formaggio £4.25
Marinated olives, pecorino and toasted homemade bread

Soup of the day £3.95
Homemade soup with fresh bread

Polpette Mascalzone £5.95
Meatballs baked in a rich tomato sauce served on a crostino topped with pecorino

Asparagi con Prosciutto £5.95
Fresh asparagus wrapped in Parma ham and sat on a bed of rocket, cherry
tomatoes and olive oil dressing

Bruschetta con Tartufo £6.50
Sautéed wild mushrooms, garlic, parsley with a touch of white wine and cream
served on bruschetta, finished with white truffle oil

Mozzarella in Carrozza £5.95
Crispy breaded mozzarella on a bed of rocket with a rich tomato sauce and
parmesan shaving

Antipasto sardo £7.95
Salsiccia secca, cured meat, balsamic onions, pecorino cheese, grilled vegetables,
crostino with pecorino crema all served with Carasau bread

Garlic Bread £3.95
With cheese £4.75
With cheese and tomato £5.50
Focaccia £6.95
With tomato and onion salsa, rocket, Parma ham and pecorino cheese

A family run restaurant with a cosy and warm atmosphere


Cannelloni £ 6.95
Pasta filled with spinach and ricotta topped with tomato sauce and
mozzarella cheese

Penne con Pesto £ 6.95
Sautéed courgettes with garlic, toasted pine nuts, pesto and a touch of
cream and parmesan shavings

Penne con Pancetta £ 6.95
Crispy smoked pancetta with roast red onions, fresh chilli, garlic, baby
basil, Napoli sauce and parmesan

Spaghetti Bolognese £ 6.95
Beef and pork mince slow cooked with carrots, onions, tomato ragú and
red wine

Lasagna £ 6.95
Layers of egg pasta with Bolognese sauce, béchamel, tomato sauce and
finished with mozzarella

Spaghetti Carbonara £ 6.95
Crispy smoked pancetta with garlic, cream, black pepper, egg yolk and

Malloreddus Piccanti £ 7.95
Typical Sardinian pasta with sausage mince, garlic, fresh chilli, saffron,
courgettes, onions, topped with pecorino

Fregola £ 8.95
With strips of fresh salmon, crunchy green beans, onions, cherry tomatoes,
fish stock and bottarga

Ravioli £ 11.95
Ricotta and lobster filled ravioli with cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic, white
wine, butter, fish stock, pea shoots and olive oil


Risotto Mascalzone £ 13.95
Arborio rice cooked in white wine and fish stock with squid, mussels,
clams, cherry tomatoes, onions, chilli, garlic, saffron, topped with king
prawns and tiger prawns

Risotto con funghi e asparagi £ 9.95
Wild mushrooms cooked with Arborio rice, white wine and mushrooms
stock finished with fresh asparagus, pea shoots and grated parmesan


Margherita £ 6.45
Tomato, mozzarella and oregano

Napoletana £ 7.50
Tomato, mozzarella, anchovies and capers

Prosciutto e Funghi £ 7.50
Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and ham

Piccante £ 7.95
Tomato, mozzarella, salsiccia secca piccante and fresh chilli

Tonno e Cipolle £ 7.95
Tonno, mozzarella, tuna and red onions

Contadina £ 7.95
Tomatoes, mozzarella, peppers, mushrooms, black olives and red onions

Quattro Stagioni £ 8.95
Tomatoes, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, artichokes and salsiccia secca piccante

Calzone Mascalzone £ 8.95
Baked dough folded over filled with tomato, mozzarella, ham and mushrooms

Nuoro £ 9.95
Tomato, mozzarella, salsiccia fresca, radicchio and dolcelatte

Alghero £ 9.95
Tomato, mozzarella, tiger prawns, squids, mussels, courgettes, finished with rocket
and bottarga

Cagliari £ 8.95
A mezza luna pizza filled with tomato, spinach, goat cheese, roasted peppers and

Sassari £ 8.95
Tomato, mozzarella, grilled aubergines, salsiccia secca, rocket and pecorino cheese


Pollo Mare £ 11.95
Oven roasted breast of chicken with chilli, garlic, tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes,
white wine, butter and finished with spring onions.
Served with chips or salad

Pollo Nuraghe £ 11.95
Oven roasted breast of chicken with onions, mushrooms, French mustard, brandy,
demi glass and cream.
Served with chips or salad

Involtini di Pollo £ 10.50
Boned out chicken leg and stuffed with onions, sage, Parma ham, pine nuts and
mozzarella, cooked in its own juices and served on creamy olive oil mash potato

Hebrides Pork £ 12.95
Boned and rolled belly of pork, Stornoway black pudding, roasted apples, roasted
baby potatoes with a red wine and rosemary jus

Bistecca £ 14.95
Simply seasoned and pan fried 8oz rib eye steak, cooked to your liking
Served with chips or salad

Add sauce
Diane Sauce £ 1.95
Tiger prawns, chilli, garlic, butter £ 3.50


Merluzzo £ 12.50
Mustard and herb crusted cod fillet served with minted new potatoes, homemade
salsa verde, roasted garlic balsamic glace

Salmone £ 12.95
Seared Salmon with a mixed herb salad, sapprini tomatoes, romaine artichokes,
roasted red onions, garlic, white wine and herb butter

Gamberoni all’aglio £8.75/12.75
King prawns cooked with garlic, butter, white wine, parsley and lemon, served
with Arborio rice and salad garnish

Gamberoni Piccanti £8.75/12.75
Kings prawns cooked with garlic, fresh chilli, white wine, Napoli sauce and
parsley, served with Arborio rice and garnish


Roasted Salmon salad £ 7.50
Slow roasted salmon with wild rocket, roasted peppers, new potatoes, cherry
tomatoes, pea shoots, baby basil and mixed leaves

Tricolore £ 7.50
Sliced baby mozzarella with beef tomato, baby basil and Sardinian artichokes on
a bed of mixed leaf salad, balsamic vinegar glace and olive oil

Tapas Sardinian Style

Choose 1 - £4.25 Choose 3 - £ 11.95 Choose 6 - £ 20.00
Verdure Grigliate
Mixed Mediterranean grilled vegetables Aubergines, courgettes, roast peppers
Calamari Fritti
Fried squid served with garlic mayonnaise & lemon dip
Antipasto Terra
Fresh Italian meat selection and Pecorino cheese
Spiedino di Pesce
Tiger prawns with peppers & courgettes
Spiedino di Carne
Italian sausage with peppers & courgettes


Mixed bread basket £ 2.95
Crispy fries £ 2.00
Mixed salad £ 2.00
House vegetable £ 2.00
Crispy cheese polenta chips £ 2.50


"Quality of the food is perfect. All their pizzas are amazing - lovely thin based with a nice crust and perfect amount of cheese!"

Sean Isherwood Google Review

"It's always a pleasure to eat there. Lovely food and friendly staff, prices are really competitive for the quality of the food they serve."

Lorenzo Maffeo Google Review

"Great italian food in a nice little place. Reasonably priced as well"

Pearly Yuen Google Review